The 21-story historic building is located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, one block north of the Sprint Center and the Power & Light District. Completed in 1962, it was the first new downtown skyscraper since the 1930s and was occupied by Traders Bank on the first four floors

The Traders Building was renovated to start its second life as a Class A+ mixed use facility.  One of the big challenges in transforming the space were the 50 year old concrete floors.  Uneven, spalled out and torn up they needed some serious help before new flooring could be applied. 

Treadwell installed a self-leveling cement based underlayment to restore the concrete.  The underlayment was pumped in to fill in deep voids and cracks creating a smooth surface.  The prep, patch and leveling process was completed in a few days and ready for new flooring 24 hours after the underlayment was placed.   




Self-Leveling Underlayments are a quick and affordable way to restore old concrete.





Cement based underlayment