No one would expect to find great Mexican food in a Kansas suburb, but that’s exactly what you’ll get at Ted’s Café Escondido in Overland Park. An Oklahoma institution, Ted’s Café has eight locations in Oklahoma, and just opened their first out-of-state location here in Kansas in May of 2015.

The original plans for this project called for a seamless epoxy floor, just like previous locations had installed. However, we suggested finding a better solution on the front end rather than installing flooring that would eventually fail and need repair.

Our knowledgeable estimator and seasoned project managers worked closely with the owner and architect to find a solution that could take the abuse a restaurant kitchen floor is subjected to. The answer? Cementitious urethane flooring. It’s seamless, hardwearing, easy to clean, and in this case, it delivered the quality Ted’s Café needed and the look their customers have come to expect. 


Sometimes it’s good to try something fresh. We provided a new idea to fix an old problem and the results have been stellar. In fact, the new flooring system was so successful that we are now the preferred installer of the cementitious urethane floors that will be going in all future Ted’s Café locations.


Cementitious Urethane