Everyone has a dream—something that you long to do to change your little corner of the world, or a plan that allows you to never “work” another day of your life. That’s exactly how Tallgrass Brewery got its start. Born in 2007 at the edge of the Flint Hills in Kansas, Tallgrass Brewery is making more than craft beer. They’re making a difference.

By packaging its beer exclusively in widely recyclable aluminum cans, Tallgrass Brewery is doing its part to keep the planet green. At Treadwell, we share their idea of being eco-friendly, and we set out to give them a sustainable floor that was also more environmentally responsible.

While a concrete floor can last for decades, it’s prone to chipping, pitting, and cracking. So we applied a cementitious urethane coating to protect the brewery’s floor from wear and abuse. This eliminated the need for patching and repairs and even extended the life of the concrete.


Seamless cementitious urethane is a sanitary, durable floor coating that’s ideal for the food service industry. It won’t crack, split, or separate from the concrete, and with no seams, there’s nowhere for bacteria to take up residence. In addition to being beautiful and hardwearing, cementitious flooring expands and contracts with the concrete during temperature changes, making it impervious to thermal shock. Last but not least, this low-maintenance flooring is available in your choice of standard or custom colors. 


Cementitious Urethane


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