Simply Essentials’ new Poultry Plant is located in Charles City, Iowa. If the name sounds familiar it should. The food processing facility produces a variety of protein products consumed by American’s across the country. It’s famous for high quality meat without growth stimulants, hormones or other additives. With these strict food standards set in place, it is easy to see that their processing facility must meet high standards too.

Food facilities must be treated different than many standard floor applications since processing plants adhere to strict guidelines set by the USDA.  Hot oils, natural food acids, and blood create a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cleaned. Cementitious urethane was the ideal choice.

It’s a durable and seamless floor that provides resistance against harsh cleaning and is tough enough to withstand heavy machinery and thermal shock. With the employee’s safety in mind, we also incorporated alum oxide for slip resistance in the facility’s wet environment. Lastly, Treadwell sloped the floors to the drains; this provided an effective solution to eliminate areas that could harbor standing water and bacteria.

Simply Essentials was an exciting and challenging project for Treadwell to take on and we’re glad we could provide the food facility with a customized Treadwell floor that is built to last and meets their needs!





Seamless cementitious urethane is a sanitary, durable floor coating that’s ideal for the Industrial market. It won’t crack, split, or separate from the concrete, and with no seams, there’s nowhere for bacteria to take up residence.  In addition to being beautiful and hardwearing, cementitious flooring expands and contracts with the concrete during temperature changes, making it impervious to thermal shock. Last but not least, this low-maintenance flooring is available in your choice of standard or custom colors. 




Cementitious Urethane



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