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Resinous Coatings    -

Resinous Coatings


Resinous floor and wall coatings are seamless, sanitary, and durable. These high-performance coatings can be customized through color, design, and texture.

 Benefits Include:

–  Long-lasting
–  Hardwearing
–  Custom colors & designs
–  Chemically resistant
–  Low maintenance
–  Variable texture from slip resistant to smooth
–  Increased brightness from reflecting light

Polished Concrete    -

Polished Concrete


Retailers, big box stores, and educational facilities are all using polished concrete for its ease of maintenance and clean, bright look. 

Benefits Include:

–  Hardwearing
–  Increased brightness from reflecting light
–  Moisture tolerant
–  Easy to clean
–  Low maintenance
–  Environmentally friendly
–  Unique appearance

Moisture Mitigation    -

Moisture Mitigation


Floor coverings are sensitive to moisture in the concrete and often require moisture mitigation to properly adhere. By applying a unique coating, we can slow the moisture emission and isolate the flooring material.

Benefits Include:

–  Can be applied under coatings, VCT, carpet, sheet vinyl
–  Can be applied to other floor coatings as well
–  Reduces moisture vapor emissions to acceptable limits
–  Ideal for new fast-track construction

Traffic Coatings    -

Traffic Coatings


These industrial floor coatings are great for parking decks, balconies, and exterior locations where waterproofing and skid resistance are a must. Traffic coatings also offer a layer of protection for high-abuse environments.

Benefits Include:

–  Exceptional resistance to UV damage
–  Excellent crack-bridging capabilities
–  Resistant to salt & chlorides
–  Superior resistance to abrasion & wear
–  Acts as a waterproofing membrane


Want to learn more? Treadwell has more than 30 years in commercial and industrial floor coatings and loves to talk shop. Feel free to call or email us with any questions you have about epoxy flooring, polished concrete, or other durable floor coatings.