Parallon Midwest Pharmacy is a part of the largest for-profit operator of healthcare facilities in the world: Hospital Corporation of America. HCA manages over 150 hospitals and more than 100 freestanding surgery centers in the United States and United Kingdom.

Parallon’s Midwest Pharmacy distribution center is over 6,000 square feet of warehouse space. You might expect this distribution center to be the stereotypical vast, dark, and dirty warehouse. It’s anything but with the help of our seamless epoxy floor coating.

Cleanliness is a top priority in the medical community, and the standards are just as high outside a hospital environment. Parallon was looking for an easy-to-clean, sanitary option for their medical supply storage. There are no grout lines for dirt and bacteria to reside in, making this seamless floor easy to clean, and easy to keep that way.


Epoxy floor coatings can make any space feel open and bright. Warehouses are not known for being bright. With few (if any) windows, they can be hard to sufficiently light. However, epoxy floor coatings can make can make any space feel open and bright. Our satin topcoat gave the floor exceptional light reflectiveness, creating a brighter space without adding more overhead light.


Seamless Epoxy