Lee’s Summit Honda is your go to spot for the car buying experience in the Kansas City Area. Located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri this car dealership is committed to serving their customers and offering quick and “hassle-free” service. Whether it be buying a car or swinging by for an oil change, Lee’s Summit Honda strives to make their business the best in town.

With that in mind, Treadwell was inspired to install floors that fit the same qualities: Hassle Free and One-of- a Kind.  Decorative flake epoxy flooring was the perfect choice for the 3,900 square foot of Lee’s Summit Honda’s Serve + Detail Area. 



 We chose epoxy flooring that would be “hassle free” because its seamless surface is easy to clean and durable to withstand any size of car being serviced.  Dealing with the heavy traffic and also being chemical resistant were two key ingredients in installing this handcrafted floor for Lee’s Summit Honda that would last for decades to come.



Treadwell is the go-to company for no-nonsense floors.  Owned and operated in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, Treadwell offers systems for floor and wall coatings, polished and stained concrete as well as moisture mitigation treatments.   Treadwell has an uncomplicated solution for your flooring needs; delivering on our promises, meeting our deadlines.  Visit our website to learn more about what Treadwell can do for you.





Decorative Epoxy Flake