Located in a Kansas City suburb, Leavenworth Animal Control picks up lost pets and helps find forever homes for unclaimed ones. Where most kennels have untreated concrete or tile floors and walls, this progressive facility opted for a more appealing option that wouldn’t feel so clinical and frightening: a seamless epoxy coating.

Untreated concrete can chip and crumble, causing unstable, rough surfaces that are prone to breeding disease. We provided a solution that would be durable, sanitary, and easy on the paws of its guests.

A seamless quartz epoxy coating was the perfect choice for this application. Hardwearing, with just enough texture to be slip resistant, it’s a safe and lasting floor system that continues to provide clean, comfortable housing for the animals that pass through this shelter.


Seamless epoxy floor and wall coatings are the sensible choice for more than the standard commercial use. Coating the floors and walls with a seamless finish eliminates grout lines and joints, which collect bacteria or hold water. As a result, you get the most hygienic environment possible.


Decorative Quartz Epoxy—Trowel Applied


Animal Care