Since 1985, Facility Systems, Inc. (FSI) has been Kansas City’s choice for help in reducing facility costs, managing office furniture inventory, and creating inspiring work spaces.

When FSI needed a new flooring system for their office, they turned to us to create a cost-effective solution. We suggested using their existing concrete floor, which is a great way to reduce costs as well as bring a little history into modern décor. Concrete can last for decades and with the right treatment it will last many more.

We used a clear epoxy coating to seal the cracks and pits in the existing slab. The epoxy creates a dust barrier and a smooth and even surface that is safe and maintenance free. By filling in the pits and voids with clear epoxy, we gave FSI’s flooring a one-of-a-kind look that added depth and dimension to an otherwise ordinary surface. 


Concrete can be more than just a foundation. With the right treatment, it can tell a story, create dimension and last for years.