Located in Gardner Kansas, Divine Mercy is the joining of two communities: Assumption of Edgerton and Sacred Heart of Gardner. With the church’s beautiful stained glass windows and wooden pews, Divine Mercy is a beautiful representation of faith and history.  It would only make sense, that the church would have an equally timeless yet quality floor.

Divine Mercy was in need of floors that could withstand heavy foot traffic of its congregation and provide a classic finish to their church that would last for decades to come. Treadwell provided the perfect solution:  Polished concrete. With its high gloss finish and durable quality it was able to maintain the character of the church floors while providing a stain resistant foundation. 

We mechanically polished and applied a topical sealer to 20,000 square feet of the existing concrete making it stain resistant and improving durability. The finished project resulted in high gloss deep red polished concrete floors that reflected the natural light that streamed through Divine Mercy’s historical stained glass windows and provided floors that would last for years to come


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