Founded in 1999, DaVita Dialysis Centers is a leading provider of dialysis services. Italian for “giving life,” DaVita is growing to support patients with more than 2,000 locations. 

We were brought in during the construction of one of those locations to create a comfortable and safe environment for patients. There was no wiggle room in the schedule. The project had to be completed on time. As with all new construction, a new concrete slab was poured, and we had to complete the floor coating systems to keep the ball rolling.

Typically, a freshly poured concrete slab needs a full 28 days to cure. With our hybrid urethane and epoxy floor systems, the new floor could be installed on a concrete slab in as little as five days. Due to the high moisture tolerance of the hybrid urethane system, there was no need to wait the full 28 days. In addition to the quick install, the epoxy floor system gave a decorative touch with multi-colored flakes, making it as durable and hardwearing as it is pretty. The ability to resist scratches and scrapes from moving medical equipment is yet another benefit of these floor coatings.


Durable, moisture tolerant, and aesthetically pleasing, hybrid urethane and epoxy is a great combination that will match any décor and keep your project on schedule.


Hybrid Urethane + Epoxy