Christ Lutheran has a long history that spans four decades. What began as a meeting of a few families at a local hotel has grown into a campus that now also houses offices and a Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade school. In 2000, they moved into a new facility with plenty of room to grow.

The latest renovation in this space called for new flooring.  With forty years in the books already, Christ Lutheran was looking for a long-term solution that would require little maintenance as well as match with the existing decor.

Treadwell's solution came in two varieties; polished concrete and a decorative flake epoxy floor coating. Polished concrete is an easy, no maintenance option for the project that requires a durable surface that will blend with any look. With a number of color combinations, decorative epoxy flake is hard wearing and will last as long as the concrete slab it’s installed on. These floors will see Christ Lutheran well beyond their next 40 years. 



Treadwell has multiple durable, low maintenance and beautiful solutions that will last for decades.



Decorative Epoxy Flake
Polished Concrete