Chipotle goes the extra mile to provide the best ingredients for their customers.  At Treadwell, we also rely on attention to detail and honest work to give our clients the best floors. Every burrito and bowl ordered at Chipotle is as unique as the customer for whom it’s made. The same goes for the custom, handcrafted floors created by our trained craftsmen. Whether you need a custom color, a non-slip texture, or inlaid designs, we have the floor coating to fit your project.

For the Chipotle kitchen, we chose a cementitious urethane. This coating is extremely durable (to take all the abuse that a kitchen floor is subjected to) as well as low maintenance. The addition of aggregate to the coating gives it a non-slip texture—another must for kitchen floors.

In the dining room, we turned the old slab into new by chemically densifying and mechanically polishing it to increase the durability of the floor against scratches from moving chairs and tables. Last but not least, the polished concrete look was also the perfect choice visually for Chipotle’s modern look. 


Multiple solutions for multiple applications: durability in food service areas and beautiful polished concrete for the modern décor in the dining room.


Cementitious Urethane
Polished Concrete


Food & Beverage