Located in the heart of Bentonville, Arkansas; Brightwater Culinary School offers a progressive and cutting edge program for Northwest Arkansas’s Culinary students.  The Center for the Study of Food focuses on areas of culinary nutrition, artisanal food, beverage management and food entrepreneurship. By providing smaller class sizes & a challenging learning environment, the school prides itself with offering the highest quality education to their students. 

Treadwell was excited to provide Brightwater with the same exceptional quality in our handcrafted floors. By considering the overall aesthetic & environmental factors, we carefully picked the perfect floors to craft for the culinary school’s kitchen and student lobby


Whether it be creating the perfect soufflé or cleaning up a variety of messy ingredients, Treadwell ‘s goal was to create 7,100 sf of durable and dependable kitchen flooring. Treadwell chose flooring that could withstand the exposure to heat and stay resistant to the daily use of chemicals. With these two factors in mind, Cementitious Urethane floor was a must for these aspiring chefs.

For Brightwater’s lobby, Treadwell installed polished concrete floors. It was the perfect upgrade to add character and durability to the floors. Polished concrete provided an easy to clean and bright finish that could handle the daily foot traffic and maintain a high quality look.


Treadwell provides multiple durable, low maintenance and beautiful solutions that will last for decades and fit a variety of application areas for Higher Education facilities.



Cementitious Urethane & Polished Concrete


Higher Education