Built in 1951, the Anderson County Hospital was in need of an upgrade. In order to offer the best medical care for the community, they installed the latest technology in their new 25-bed critical care facility, along with some other upgrades that might not come to mind when thinking of healthcare.

Floors in operating rooms must be sterile, easily washable, and durable. A seamless floor is also a must in this environment. Our quartz epoxy coating system met all the hospital requirements and then some. 

Resistant to chipping, gouging, and pitting, these floors and walls are extremely hardwearing. What’s more, with a seamless coating there is nowhere for bacteria to hide or mold to grow, making the operating room a breeze to clean and sterilize. 

We also played a key role in the hospital kitchen where we installed a seamless epoxy floor, and added texture to the topcoat for a slip-resistant finish. 


Long-lasting and impervious to abuse, this floor can take whatever you throw at it, from dropped knives and hot pans to decades of foot traffic. The flexibility of a seamless quartz epoxy coating makes it a superior solution to many flooring needs. 


Seamless Quartz Epoxy